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Imagination encircles the world


explore the pause is a private practice that enables being oneself in harmony with nature, with other people and, significantly, within yourself.

Are you longing to pause, rest and rebalance?  As a whole body practitioner, I draw upon professional trainings in physiology, body centred therapies and eco psychology, eastern consciousness studies and restorative yoga. As one of London’s renowned professional voice coaches, I have taught performance conditioning and whole body care over 20 years. read more … www.per-sona.co.uk

A well regarded professional practitioner, I am ready to hear from you — welcome!

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens

Mind — Aspects of Self

Aspects of Self is a transformative way of calming circling thoughts to restore a sense of balance, ease and renewal. Ideal for people who relate to being ‘oneself’ comprised of various different states, energies or moods.

What to expect?   Initially, I listen to your sense of self as you find your way to tell me your story. I witness and sense how you know yourself.  I respect your pace. — read more

person to person practitioner training
from Jung (1875-1961)      via Paul Ferdern (1891-1950)      via John Jack Watkins (1913 –2012)
via Gordon Emmeson in 2008      to Susan White in London

Over a decade I have honed Aspects of Self as a talking bridge into profound body connection. This accurate, responsive approach explores origins, habits and patterns of concern, to enable shift, adjustment and change.

Aspects of Self — individually relevant, powerfully effective, gracefully simple.

Gargoyle & BuddhaMind — Aspects of Self
Self-funded Initial Appointment – £300 (3hrs)
Concessions available - please enquire

Organisation-funded – please discuss

It feels as if all of me connects together again.
I feel very different now when I give myself the chance to be still

—  free, calm and incredibly motivated all at the same.
It’s as if I have unlocked something that feels very useful for the future.

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Body — Bodyfulness

Bodyfulness describes the universal truth that when body connection is strong the mind calms.  This is the reassuring felt sense of balanced well-being.

Are you longing to learn straightforward ways to pause, rest and breathe deeply? 

People from all walks of life engage from a RESTORATIVE drive to stop struggling, surrender physical tension and regain their sense of self. My way is to guide reconnection to your body’s innate intelligence, as you de-clutter yourself to rediscover your energy and ease.

Ideal for people with sound physical connection and vibrant sensory awareness — especially for all who seek to restore this in themselves, or, who seek flexibility to recover from exhaustion, shock or injury.

Practised attentively, quite soon this goes beyond restorative, becoming a discreet inner way to know and be yourself, fully and much more meaningfully.

Bodyfulness is a practical, easy to learn, reliable way of being oneself.

Within the filigree of life

within the filigree of life

Body — BodyfulnessSusan White
121 + Group options – please enquire
Concessions available - please enquire

Organisation-funded – please discuss

SUMMER PAUSE experiential group practice
with like-minded people - please enquire

It’s been truly transformative …
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Rest — Refresh

Rest is essential. (It is not sleep, not trance, not meditation although it can be pre-meditative). Through deep, easeful rest we seek NOT to dissociate from our senses and sensibilities, but to strengthen connection to the body’s innate intelligence.
Rest-Refresh is a calming, super sensory experience that creates space and vibrancy in the whole body, stills the mind and allows inner wisdom to arise.

Influences are restorative yoga, physiology, performance conditioning and care (professional actors / athletes), eastern consciousness studies, eco psychology and all I have learnt from a lifetime of meetings with remarkable people.

Immersion is highly individual, felt as your own being at home with yourself.  Collectively, people tell of finding anew true connection that enriches, expands and inspires. Enjoyed silently, your experience can then be discussed, written or drawn — as you prefer.

Similar to Savãsana in Restorative Yoga, guided Rest-Refresh is a favoured way to deepen your discoveries from my other approaches, or simply enjoyed separately. 

Rest-Refresh offers the purest relaxation … that arrives when words cease.

Rest — Refresh
121 + Group options – please enquire
Concessions - please enquire

Organisation-funded – please discuss

SUMMER PAUSE experiential group practice
with like-minded people - please enquire

It felt like a state of grace
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Discuss your situation — without obligation — by phoning Susan White on 07768 741010.
Alternatively, send me your phone number, stating when you will be able to speak freely.
Regrettably, no appointments can be made, nor advice given by email.

Your ‘ways to be’ stay with me — I am just so very glad I phoned you!
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Susan White
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